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A Saint Indeed by John Flavel

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About A Saint Indeed by John Flavel

John Flavel, in his most prominent book, A Saint Indeed, goes deeper into the Christian life to bring answers to the most common objections, concerns and obstacles to personal holiness. Flavel deals with the progression of sanctification that we will walk through for the rest of our lives in a straight-forward and truthful manner. John Flavel’s pastoral heart certainly shows through as he counsels fellow believers in their walk with God.


Excerpt from A Saint Indeed

“…Heart-work is hard work indeed: to shuffle over religious duties with a loose and heedless spirit, will cost no great pains; but to set thyself before the Lord, and tie up thy loose and vain thoughts to a constant and serious attendance upon him; this will cost thee something: to attain a facility and dexterity of language in prayer, and put thy meaning into apt and decent expressions, is easy; but to get thy heart broken for sin, whilst though art confessing it; melted with free grace, whilst thou art blessing God for it; to be really ashamed and humbled through the apprehensions of God’s infinite holiness, and to keep thy heart in this frame, not only in, but after duty, will surely cost thee some groans and travailing pains of soul.”