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The Royal Invitation by Frances R. Havergal

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About The Royal Invitation by Frances R. Havergal

“The Royal Invitation” is one of five devotional books contained in the Royal Gemscollection written by Frances Ridley Havergal in the 1880s. In our original edition ofRoyal Gems, a beautiful cursive handwriting decorates the inside cover with a name and the date of March 22, 1896. We can only imagine how often the recipient read and gleaned from the riches within. Nearly 120 years later however, we are also privileged to partake of this Scripture-filled devotional, now in a digital format.

“The Royal Invitation” is a 31 day devotional book that embraces the many requests from God’s Word for us to ‘come’ to Him. When Jesus said to the disciples “Come follow Me,” it was a royal invitation of His kingly love, which He offers to us even now. Indulge your heart with this wonderfully-composed devotional that will bless your soul and elicit praises for our King of kings.

About Frances R. Havergal

Frances R. Havergal (1813 - 1887) was born in her father’s rectory at Worcestershire, England. From childhood Miss Havergal wrote narratives and prose that were eagerly published and read in religious periodicals. Being frail of health her entire life, Miss Havergal died at the young age of forty-three. She is best remembered for her musical talents and the composition of many excellent hymns, which are still being sung to date.