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The Birth of Christ by Richard Newton

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About The Birth of Christ

“The Birth of Christ” is a 31 page chapter from Richard Newton’s four-volume work, The Life of Jesus Christ for the Young, published in 1880. Newton discusses the time, place, and circumstances of Jesus’ humble arrival upon the earth. This miraculous event in history reveals God’s love for mankind and His divine gift of salvation. We believe the entire family will be blessed while reading this narrative together on the birth of our Savior.

Excerpt from “The Birth of Christ”

“He came to visit us in great humility!” And yet, what a strange contrast we see, when we look away from the humiliation of his birth, to the great glory that attended him even while he was lodged in the stable, and cradled in the manger! We see this glory in what the angels said about him to the shepherds of Bethlehem. They said that the birth of that child, who was born in such strange humility, should yet be the cause of “great joy to all people.”